Howard Wright – Hospital Bed Manufacturer

Howard Wright - New Plymouth

Jason Vincent – Sales Manager, Arlo. Scientific Thinking, Wellington.

“The Scientific Thinking course through the Kata School provides a very practical approach to navigating the myriad of complex decisions businesses faces in the modern world. I was able to take the real-world, practical learnings and immediately apply them to some of the major challenges the Senior Leadership Team were facing. It is difficult to predict what will happen next in this ever changing world, but Scientific Thinking creates an ethos of experimenting, measuring and adjusting, which facilitates decision making and makes businesses more agile.”

Steve Monu – Kone. Scientific Thinking, Wellington 2020

The Kata School Training on Scientific Thinking was an opportunity to learn a new way of thinking around continuous improvement. I’m excited to use this way of thinking because it grows the strength of our team and gives all of us the tools to problem solve and overcome difficult situations. I have started using this in my daily operations and personal life and I am grateful for what I learnt on the Training. The pattern of thinking and practical demonstrations were really easy to understand and enjoyable. A Big thank you to Frans, Darren and Oscar who were very knowledgeable and approachable , I would recommend this course to all.

Drew Roberts – Scientific Thinking, Wellington November 2020

“ The Kata training was the perfect mix of theory and practicable learnings. The concept of science based thinking was clearly communicated, the practical training session was simple yet effective. I’m looking forward to using the newly acquired skills in the future. I would encourage people to attend the course and look to take colleagues with them to continue the learning in their workplace.”

Mario Heredero de Pablos – Toyota Kata Simulation, Auckland 2019

Link to Mario’s Video Testimonial
It definitely met our expectations… the ideas are simple but powerful… after one week we could start a trial with two teams.

Marion Heredero de Pablos, Production Operations Engineer, Goodnature

Marissa Brinkman – TK Simulation

Thank you so much for the workshop experience at Katacon. I got so much from it and I am excited to begin applying the pattern. I am completey impressed by how you serve others through your teaching and sharing, it is truly admirable. I look forward to listening in on more webinars and podcasts that you present in the future.

My deepest thanks!!

Marissa Brinkman, Continuous Improvement Manager, Fishback Financial Corporation.

Etienne Degouy

Etienne Degouy, Lead Analyst at Environment Canterbury

Mak Kulkarni

Mak Kulkarni, CEO of TorqueIP

Vicky Hall – TK 10 Hour

The session touches on the basic foundations of understanding Kata. Even if you haven’t read the book yet, participants at any level or role in the organisation can easily grasp what it is all about and you will feel the excitement of applying it when you go back to work. But of course practice is the key.

Vicky Hall, Production Manager, Dairy Technology Services.